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The Micawber Tavern is 800 meters from Belgrave. We welcome everyone coming back to visit the Micawber Tavern and to enjoy the great atmosphere, family friendly spaces and the beautiful beer garden. Indulge in a delicious lunch or dinner and soak up the unique atmosphere inside the tavern or stroll around the seasonal garden and explore the meandering creek.

In the cooler months the roaring Coonara fire will help to heat the toes and in warmer days enjoy the wonderful gardens or the coolness of the interior with lots of visual pleasures to keep your eyes entertained. The Micawber Tavern is the perfect destination for all to enjoy.


Wilkins Micawber

Wilkins Micawber is a clerk in Charles Dickens's 1850 novel David Copperfield. He is traditionally identified with the optimistic belief that "something will turn up." Micawber is responsible for a major financial setback to another character. The hardworking, reliable Tommy Traddles, who is saving to furnish a home for the young woman he hopes to marry, allows his optimism to overcome his common sense. He "lends his name" to Micawber by co-signing for his rent, and when Micawber fails to pay, Micawber's creditors seize all of the Micawber family's furniture and personal effects, along with those of Traddles. Although Traddles eventually recovers the little round table and flowerpot that symbolize his hopes for future happiness, he hampers himself financially by paying off Micawber's debt.

Micawber is hired as a clerk by the scheming Uriah Heep, who assumes wrongly that Micawber's debts arise from dishonesty. But working for Heep allows Micawber to expose his boss as a forger and a cheat. To start anew, Micawber and his family emigrate to Australia with Daniel Peggotty and Little Em'ly, where Micawber becomes manager of the Port Middlebay Bank and a successful government magistrate. Prior to leaving, Micawber repays the money Traddles spent settling his loan.

Micawber's name has become synonymous with someone who lives in hopeful expectation.

Why Micawber


Menu for every taste


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